Teenage Confidential

June 7, 2010

Teenage Confidential: A Picture Perfect Christmas (December 2009)

A slight upset on Christmas Eve almost spoils Ahndreya’s picture perfect Christmas.

Hey Katie!  I’m so glad you’ve got some time to stop by.  Tyler will be down shortly.  I’ll let you in on something but don’t tell him, ok?

Right before you came my two year old nephew Kevin was sitting on his lap.  Kev reached over and grabbed a spoonful of cranberry sauce and it ended up splattering all over Tyler’s shirt and pants.

Daddy is lending Tyler a change of clothes.  I sure hope it works out but even if it doesn’t just tell Tyler he looks great.  Please.

Oh, here he comes now. Would you take some photos of us?



Well, I never realized Daddy is shorter than Tyler.  I’m very sensitive about the fact I’m taller than he is.  My classmates still joke about it and it still gets under my skin.

I told all my friends I’d send a photo of us on Christmas Eve.  I so want to show off my gown.  It’s my very first.  I feel so grown up.  But oh, no. 

Tyler’s pants come right above the ankle…

You’re right these are silly thoughts on Christmas Eve.  It makes me feel like I’m right back at Floral Gardens High School.  And that’ll come soon enough after the Holiday is over.

You’re right.  Let’s try for another photo.


This one is great!  I’m going to email it right away.  Would you mind watching Kevin while I take a quick break and run to my room?  You have to hurry home, well I’ll get someone else to watch hin.  Don’t work too hard tonight.

Merry Christmas!  It’s not how the picture looks, it’s who’s in it that makes it special.


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