Teenage Confidential

June 11, 2010

Teenage Confidential: Sometimes dreams come true (Christmas 2009)


Jessica Jones sets up the weekend get-away her daughter Nikki’s band, The Charms,  will use when they have bookings and practice time upstate.

The newly fallen snow was still crisp underfoot when the boys and I reached Cloverdale on December 23rd. I was still amazed at how wonderful everything was going for my daughter Nikki and her friend Jade.

I never thought their dream of having a band would come true. And then over the Summer Alexandra Sutton came to Nikki’s sleepover and from there you can say things started moving.

Alexandra is such a gift to all of us. It’s really true one person can make such a difference. After joining the band the girls called themselves The Charms. It was hard for them to practice without the neighbors in Floral Gardens complaining but when isn’t there something they complain about?

Alexandra’s family agreed to let us use the house she inherited from her Aunt Lily as a weekend get-away where the girls can go practice twice a month with their drummer Arthur and keyboardist Aidan.

The house hasn’t been occupied for many years. This used to be a very fashionable part of the Cloverdale suburbs but for the past twenty years it’s been surpassed by the condos and highrises over in Riverview. It’s perfect for the girls, though, since Aidan lives right next door.

Ryan and Jamie helped bring the girls equipment up and stayed to help me set up things in the house. The first surprise were finding two little boxes.

One said “Dexter’s Bird Nest” on the outside.

When we opened the boxes we found many little treasures that belonged to a previous tenant of the house.

There was a pink teapot, cup and saucer. A white telephone, several old records and a box full of little doll clothes in varying stages of completion.

Someone liked to sew but never finished a thing.
“Hey,” Ryan said looking over the old albums we found at the bottom of the box. “These are real vinyl.”

“You leave them right there, Ryan Courtlandt. You’ve got enough in your collection already,” Jamie told him.

Ryan left them on the coffee table and started to help Jamie arrange the furniture around the room.

As the boys and I continued to tidy things up I started to wonder if the girls would like staying here since things weren’t shiny and new in the way they are used to. 

As I watched the room come togther, though, my doubts disappeared. I think it’ll be good for the girls to get to know how other people live. They may even find ways to brighten up their surroundings in creative ways.

Once things were in order I was very excited. The Charms are playing a their first gig, a Christmas party for a very bossy 12 year old who goes to school with Arthur’s sister. But that doesn’t bother Nikki or the other band members.

“We’ve got to start somewhere,” she always tells me.

I wanted to brighten up the room so Ryan and I went out to get a Christmas tree while we left Jamie at the house.

After the party the girls came back to the house and were so excited I don’t think they noticed the spots on the walls or the warped floors. They were so thrilled that their performance was a success and that their hosts had them stay for an after party dinner.

When I think about what a favorable turn things have taken for Nikki I am so thankful I can say that her friends are gifts to treasure.

I’m looking forward to what the New Year brings to them all.

Happy New Year everyone!

Story (c) Katie Stevens.


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  1. Cool post–but I think the pics have been taken down by photobucket? 😦 I wanted to see them, too.

    Comment by Sadako — September 9, 2010 @ 9:18 pm

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