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Lily Engel from "Party Doll"

In 2006 I started creating photo stories using my teenage fashion dolls as characters.  The stories were interspersed with my real life entries to another blog.  However, I found that the gaps between story chapters ruined the flow and enjoyment of my doll stories.  So, I decided to devote a blog entirely to the dolls, their photos and their world.

The story writing is meant as an escape and form of entertainment as I do not watch or own a TV.  It’s not supposed to be about writing a work of art.  Rather, it’s more a way for me to express the images and stories that come to mind as I dress, pose and photograph my dolls.

Sometimes the stories are episodic, sometimes they are more linear in structure.  At other times they follow an epistolary form.  My goal is to give expression to a world where everyday events and people work on many levels to contribute to the character’s development.  It’s also about a world where those who are focused and motivated work to make good things happen. 

I hope you enjoy sharing this escape into the world of Isabella Island and Floral Gardens High School.

The dolls photographed for these stories are created by Mattel, Defa Lucy, and Takara.  They are used as a basis for the characters in my stories.  I have made every effort to create characters different from those the manufacturers assign to these dolls.

The stories and characters are my own creation and are copyrighted.

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